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HAWE : هیدرولیک

REXROTH  : هیدرولیک و پنوماتیک

PARKER : هیدرولیک و پنوماتیک

MAHLE :فیلتراسیون

HYDAC : هیدرولیک و فیلتراسیون

KRACHT : هیدرولیک

DYNASET : ژنراتور هیدرولیکی

آموزش هیدرولیک

فرم مشاوره

Hose, Tube, & Pipe Clamps




DIN 3015 Hose, Tube, & Pipe Clamps
ISO 9001 Certified

Our clamps and mounting systems are designed and manufactured by our ISO 9001 Certified HY-ROS division. HYDAC clamps assure a simple, reliable dampening support for tubes, pipes, hoses, and conduits in industrial hydraulic systems, mobile hydraulic systems, process industries, and electrical construction. HYDAC clamps absorb shock, dampen vibration, and reduce noise in hydraulic systems. HYDAC design Engineers have extensive experience in working closely with customers, in evaluating their requirements, and developing custom clamp arrangements to satisfy the most demanding applications. Whether standard or custom HYDAC products, we are ready to address your requirements.

HYDAC clamps are available in a wide range of sizes and materials. Polypropylene (PP) is used for standard clamps and Polyamide (PA) or Aluminum (AL) for special applications. The HYDAC type HRE clamps have rubber inserts for soft gripping of hose, pipe, and tubing. HRE clamps are designed as hose and tube supports for high cyclic pressure applications. Weld plates are phosphate coated. Stainless steel hardware is also available. All standard duty top plates and heavy duty sizes 1 to 4 top plates are zinc plated.





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