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Compact Power Units




Dock Levelers
Scissor Lifts
Automobile Lifts
Man Lifts
Food Industry
Small Presses
Hose Crimpers
Wheel Chair Lifts
Steel Handling
Light DutyCompactors
Braking Systems
Machine Tool Clamping

Compact - pump and motor are internal to the tank
Low noise - pump and motor are oil-immersed which dampens vibration and noise
Complete Package - modular design of controls allows for integration of simple or complex circuit solutions all from one source.
Seamless Reservoir - Deep-drawn steel tank is rugged and minimizes leak points.
Pressure Balanced Gear Pump - Efficiencies over 90% even at full load, greatly reducing wear and noise.

An electric oil-immersed motor drives a pressure balanced gear pump. Motors with output ranges of .9 to 4.8 HP and speeds of 1800 and 3600 RPM are used This results in an offering of many combinations that can be adapted to specific applications.

The pressure and direction of the operating fluid's flow is controlled by an extensive range of modular cartridge valves and/or spool-type directional valves. Standard control blocks and modular stacking valve systems are available. For control tasks which can not be carried out using standard controls, customer specific solutions are offered.

CA Series power units are rated for short term (S2) or intermittent (S3) duty. These ratings are detailed in this brochure. A thermoswitch is available to protect the unit from possible excess heat.





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