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Industrial Filtration


MAHLE   /   High pressure filters




Designed for use as full-flow or partial-flow filters and for the low pressure range up to 25/60 bar, medium pressure up to 210 bar and high pressure up to 450 bar, MAHLE pressure filters are ideal for use as main-line filters, flange-mounted filters, and filters in intermediate plate configurations. Rubust casings, streamlined design, and an extensive range of accessories provide the optimal solution capable of meeting every market requirement.
High pressure filter Pi 4000, operating pressure 400 bar, nominal size 40-400, according to DIN 24550  
High pressure filter Pi 410, operating pressure 315 bar, nominal size 20-63  
High pressure filter Pi 420, operating pressure 400 bar, nominal size 40-450  
High pressure filter Pi 420 KV/Pi 4000 KV, with cold-start valve, operating pressure 400 bar, nominal size 40-110  
High pressure filter Pi 4230, nominal pressure 400 bar, nominal size 160 to 400  
High pressure filter Pi 480 stainless steel, operating pressure 450/250 bar, nominal size 40-250  





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