Motors : موتور هیدرولیک، هیدروموتور

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Cylinders : سیلندر هیدرولیک

REXROTH  : هیدرولیک و پنوماتیک

PARKER : هیدرولیک و پنوماتیک

MAHLE :فیلتراسیون

HYDAC : هیدرولیک و فیلتراسیون

KRACHT : هیدرولیک

DYNASET : ژنراتور هیدرولیکی

آموزش هیدرولیک

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High-Speed Synchronmotors
IndraDyn H - for high speed with integrated cooling



  High dynamics and precision
  • Maximum torques of up to 4,500 Nm
  • Maximum speeds up to 22,500 rpm
  • Wide constant output power range
  • Integrated cooling system
  • Straightforward integration in the machine
The liquid-cooled high-speed IndraDyn H kit motors achieve maximum torques of up to 4,500 Nm with speeds of up to 22,500 rpm. With their broad constant output power range, short ramp-up time and low rotor temperature they are predestined for motor spindles and other similar areas of application.

The new onboard cooling system simplifies their integration in the machine and increases their cooling efficiency. For extra easy assembly and disassembly we can supply the rotor on request with a step interference fit and the corresponding hydraulic connections.


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